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  1. Canada offers affordable tuition fees for an international student than other leading western countries.

  2. Students are offered student work permit six months into their program of study.

  3. Canada offers post graduate employment a pathway to permanent resident.

  4. Canada is among the top countries that offers best education quality around the world, due to government funding and quality

  5. Canada has low employment rate 90% Canadian graduate secures employment six months after graduation.

  6. Canada is ranked among the highest value for money in payback duration and produces a good return on investment than UK, USA and Germany.

  7. On completion of the program student work permit is converted to graduate work permit students are expected to work for additional 1 – 3 years.

  8. According to department for immigration Refugees and citizenship Canada recorded a 20% increase in international student’s intakes in 2017 with 400,000 international students chose Canada over UK and USA.