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Ckareenn Global Services is registered in Nigeria. As a result of our success stories from the parents we have process their child’s admission and visa. Ckareenn Global service person is a skilled and experienced professional who is knowledgeable about her area of specialization.

We are dedicated in offering the best services at any stage of the application and waiting period to the clients ensuring clients satisfaction at all time.

Mrs. Kate David is the director of Ckareenn Global Services. Mrs. David is an experienced professional with strong educational background. She has worked with a Canadian Immigration Consultancy Firm with a record of outstanding performance. She obtained her bachelor degree in education an attribute that makes our services unique. She will use her experience to secure admission for you and increase your chance for visa approval to study in Canada.



We assist with the school application process and make it faster, easier and convenient, we also liaise with the school on your behalf.


We assist our client with Visa documentation and processing guiding them to apply correctly and increase their chances for approval, the first time.


We provide one on one counseling to the students both new and old and their parents. The Canadian educational system is different from what we have in Africa so it’s expected that students will need help navigating the system successfully


We do our best to make sure we get the best flight discount and travel ticket for you


We counsel parents that wants to accompany and settle their child to their new school in Canada on how to apply for Visa correctly to heighten their chances for approval.


We provide assessment to help determine the right class level for you to apply and the right program placement best for the child.


We provide mentorship by connecting our new students with our older students to mentor you and guide you.


We understand that it is expensive to study abroad so we advise clients on where and how to get scholarship to finance their career as an international student and lots more services including police clearance, Visa renewal, airport pick up, home stay etc.

In ckareenn global services physical contact before commencement of the process are not necessary as we have excellent record with emails and telephone communication. We are selective on the job we accept not all client that approach us are accepted for us to accept a client he must fall into the following criteria.

Undergraduate intent

Must be 16 years and not more than 20 years of age.

Must be a recent high school graduate with good grades six credit including English and mathematics if not recent must have proven of continuous studies.

A sponsor who is financially capable.

Post Graduate intent

Could be younger but not older than 25 years of age if older must be working in well-paying organization or has proof of continuous studies.

Must have completed NYSC.

Must have a minimum class 2.2

A sponsor who is financially capable.

Requirements for Admission into high school

We process admission for students who wants to complete their secondary school in Canada. Admission could be process into grade 11, 12 or earlier levels.

Requirements are:

Transcript of previous classes

Birth certificate

Photocopy of bio date page of international passport

3 recent passport photographs.

For Undergraduate

S S 1 to S S 3 transcript

NECO/WAEC result at least 6 credit including English and Maths.

Scratch card

TOEFL, SAT and IGCSE (if available)

Grades must be minimum “C”

3 recent passport photographs

Birth certificate

Photocopy of data page of international passport.

For post graduate

Degree certificates

University transcript


Resume/ CV

Scratch card

3 recent passport photographs

Photocopy of data page of international passport

Birth certificate

GRE/GMAT (if available)

Canada has 3 admission intakes January, May and September each year. Earlier application is encouraged to beat the school and visa office submission deadlines.

Note that various schools have different application deadlines it is important to give8 months for post graduate and 5 months for undergraduate processing time from admission to visa.

Canadian School Fees per year

Minimum tuition fee is 20,000 – 28,000CAD per year fees include tuition, residence and meal depending on the choice of institution.

Scholarship offer is usually departmental or partial scholarship while some school offers funding for post graduate programs depending on the students’ grade. Please note scholarship offer depends on the school and admission policy. Please check with your school admission policy.

  1. Canada offers affordable tuition fees for an international student than other leading western countries.

  2. Students are offered student work permit six months into their program of study.

  3. Canada offers post graduate employment a pathway to permanent resident.

  4. Canada is among the top countries that offers best education quality around the world, due to government funding and quality

  5. Canada has low employment rate 90% Canadian graduate secures employment six months after graduation.

  6. Canada is ranked among the highest value for money in payback duration and produces a good return on investment than UK, USA and Germany.

  7. On completion of the program student work permit is converted to graduate work permit students are expected to work for additional 1 – 3 years.

  8. According to department for immigration Refugees and citizenship Canada recorded a 20% increase in international student’s intakes in 2017 with 400,000 international students chose Canada over UK and USA.



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